I’m Ethan Castillo and I love to draw. My favorite Marvel character is the Superior Spider-man. I also like to read comic books and play video games. My favorite video games are The Amazing Spider-man and Batman Arkham City. I have posted some of my best drawings. Take a look at them in my Blog and Gallery.



  1. Ethan is super talented, we love your works of art! Keep the imagination and creativity flowing! šŸ‘

  2. hey ethan its jack your stuff is awesome i also am makeing a website to in about a month so check it out and also see you ntommorrow at school bye!

  3. Ethan, you’re stuff is AMAZING! We’re going to be keeping an eye on you because I have a hunch that when you’re older you’ll be working for us at Marvel!

  4. Hi Ethan, I’m around your age and draw as well. This is why I challenge you to a duel of arts. My deviantart name is Flipped Squid. Find me there and accept to the challenge. We will find a random subject to draw and let the majority determine the winner. Good luck and fortune to you.

  5. wow I hope I can draw as good as you. Your way better than me. I want to be an artist and when I learned about you my self confidence just dropped. My parents don’t have enough money for art supplies or art school. I just have knockoff markers and dollar store art supplies. I am about 2 years younger than you and I also like Spider-Man. You will be the next best thing the comic industry has ever seen!

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