Artist Alley at Stockton-Con

I had a table at Artist Alley at Stockton-Con over the weekend. Thank you to everyone who came to see me at my table. My friends Emonic and Nicole surprised me by coming to my booth. I also met a couple of Amazing Spider-man artists, Mike McKone and Ron Lim and I got to show them my portfolio. I also met a Filipino artist named Danny Bulanadi who has done work for Marvel and DC. He does awesome drawings. I also met Tony DeZuniga’s wife Tina and she met my family. She also gave me a print of one of Tony’s covers for Jonah Hex. I also met Stephen Nickel who had a table next to me. He and Millie were really nice to me and I hope to see them again. I also saw my friends Nate Watson and Steven & Julie Wyatt from Big Wow Comicfest

I had an amazing time drawing for people. Hope everyone else had fun too.  I had to leave the Con early cause I had an allergic reaction to some nuts. Thanks to everyone at Stockton-Con and the Stockton Arena for helping me. I’m feeling alot better now and hope to come back next year. Here are some pictures from the show. If you see yourself, please comment and I’ll add your name to the picture. Thanks everyone!


3 thoughts on “Artist Alley at Stockton-Con

  1. You should open a DeviantArt gallery and make all your drawings there available as prints. 😀 Congratulations on the drawings, 25 and never hope to be good at drawing anymore – I’m positively impressed.

      • Dude…I am making a company right now…I am 13 and I am almost finished creating the characters. It woul be cool if you came up with your own characters and comics. It seems like we are both trying to make it in the comic business. I am an aspiring artist and it would be awesome if you would join my company. Just keep practicing. You will be a professional in no time. Marvel and DC will wish they had you! PEACE!!!

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